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My fantasy series used to be the foundation of my writing and all of my other series were either spin-offs of or connected to this story about a parallel world that, unlike ours, still has magic in it. From there came an entire cosmology about Heaven, Hell and numerous other worlds that are referenced in The Immortal Zombie Girl, my fairy tales, my horror stories and even my other comedy series. The stories of Elmar are basically broken up into two major series; The War of the Crown was a nine-book series that started it all dealing with the modern inhabitants of Elmar and beginning with The Six Kings. Then there's The Chronicles of Elmar which is the history of Elmar told in six installments, starting with the creation of the universe all the way up through the end of the War of the Crown. I had been working on it for many years and, though it was put on hiatus early in 2005, I'm still working on the cosmology and the history, as evidenced in my Adon Daemarum illustration series, and I'm planning on revisiting it.

The Six Kings

In this first book in the War of the Crown series, young cousins Alex Avis and Jason Pendragon have been sent on a quest to free the nation of Alinor from threat of conquest. Long ago, Alinor was ruled by a demonic king named Valamir Darogon who was dethroned after a titanic struggle with Alinor's mortal citizens. For hundreds of years the descendents of those people have fought to keep the land out of King Vlad's hands because they feared he would return one day. Now what they feared is coming to pass and Alex and Jason are the last in the line and have to gather six enchanted jewels from across the country and journey to Vlad's old fortress city, Orinost, to put an end to his servants' plans for good.

Wherein Alex, Jason and their troll friend, Felix Brundlebush, are scaling the icy mountain, Mimchara, in search of the white jewel.

After recoving the white jewel, Alex, Jason and Felix arrive in Alinor's capital city, only to discover that the Prime Minister is a servant of Orinost.

While Alex and his friends are hurrying to gather the last of the jewels, Alinor's military, led by Radu Corvino, is struggling to maintain the nation's defense as Orinost unleashes its dreadful army against the old fort of Blackthorn Keep.


In this next installment, Alex, Jason and their allies have finally gathered the six jewels required to unseal the gates of Orinost and, after winning Alinor a great victory against Vlad's forces, have reached the haunted fortress city. But, though Vlad's dreadful commander Count Rogoroth was defeated and our heroes have reached the end of their journey, something is not right. Someone has been lying to them and now they're trapped in King Vlad's demonic palace.

Alex, Jason and the others went into the dark city and Sarah is determined to aid them. But they were six when they pushed their way past Vlad's minions and she's all alone.

The lament of Bethiel the Spider Queen.

Alex and Sarah have been reunited inside the twisting halls of Orinost and now they find themselves in the cursed Hall of Dolls.

The Chronicles of Elmar

Book I: The Age of Elmar

The first book in the history of Elmar tells of the creation of the universe and of the first world, Eldar, which you would call heaven. It describes the heavenly denizens and their realm and of how they came to create the world of Elmar. It also goes on to describe the creation of the first lifeforms and how not all the angels agreed with their creator's plans for Elmar and rebelled against the rest of Heaven and were cast out. This led to the creation of the Underworld or Daemar and its inhabitants, the daemons.

Halatu the Holy Father creates the Universe and the first world, Eldar, populating it, first, with the Haihalarim (archangels) and then with the host of the Halarim (angels). He decides to create another world and a patron must be chosen from amongst the angels to oversee its creation.

All literary work © Anthony Dial

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