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The Immortal Zombie Girl

The coming-of-age teen drama for people who can't stand coming-of-age teen dramas.

The Immortal Zombie Girl is the story of teenage Charlotte Belmore who, despite having been killed in a tragic Halloween prank gone wrong, is still out and about. Now, in addition to having to deal with the same problems she had before, she has at least 99 more. 100 to be exact. 100 of the nastiest nasties this side of the River Styx and, for some reason, they're all determined to make Charlotte's new life miserable.

Book 1: The Adventures of the Immortal Zombie Girl

In the first installment, Charlotte Belmore is risen from the grave by some unknown force. She's got some frightening new powers now and she wants to use them to right all the wrongs she's suffered in life. But after spending a brief stint as a criminal, dodging the Angel of Death, and going head to head with the local witch, she learns that getting revenge is not a constructive use of her new powers. And, of course, it all culminates with a huge demon attack. Because... why not?​

by Anthony Dial

Wherein we meet Charlotte and her friends and enemies on an all-too typical day of school.

Wherein Charlotte finds herself conscious again after spending a year six feet under.

Wherein Charlotte experiences her first tussle with someone as freakishly strong as her.

Book 2: Zombie Justice

In her second adventure, Charlotte ventures into the big city. Now that she's learned her lesson for good, she's determined to use her zombie powers to take a bite out of crime. Unfortunately she's attracted the attention of the maniacal Doctor Nefarious and, as if that wasn't enough, she's got a whole grocery list of supernatural ne'er-do-wells to apprehend! She'll be lucky if she can bag one of them. Being a responsible, upstanding zombie has never been so much work.

Wherein Charlotte and her friends go head to head, as it were, with Countess Guillotina DeCapita.

Book 3: Seventeen and Deceased

In this third installment, Charlotte has gotten used to being a modern, undead young woman in a world chock-full of people who want to destroy her. She's also getting used to being a supernatural truant officer and the underworld of ghostly crime has become acutely aware of our little heroine. But her job is getting tougher every day and, now that the entire world of dreams is under threat of conquest, Charlotte and her ever-growing family of spectral misfits have to snooze or else they'll lose everything...

Wherein Charlotte battles the taxidermic terror himself, Piecemeal the Living Jigsaw Puzzle!

The Immortal Zombie Girl is TM Anthony Dial

All art and literary work © Anthony Dial

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